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Graphicolor Boxes

These are our themed candy boxes. If you would like more information on producing your own, or you would like to find out about our current design, please contact us at

Series 1

Our First Box
Our First Box
This is how the whole thing started. We launched our boxes in 2008. We had no idea what we started, well we had some idea.
The Second Box
Our Second Box
The first box was a huge success so we thought it was time to really get our message out there.
The Valentine's Box Valentine's Day Box
What better way to show you our appreciation than with this special edition Valentine's Day box.
The Sweet Summer Box Sweet Summer Box
This fresh summer box celebrates all things summer and all things sweet.
No Tricks, All Treats Box The Spooky Halloween Box
There is no need to worry about tricks with this box. Nothing but treats are inside this spooky cube.
The Cool Winter Box The Winter Box
Just because it is cold outside doesn't mean you can't have something tasty in your belly. Our printing is so hot you just might forget you need a coat.
The Print Superhero The Adventures of The Print Superhero
Jeremy Esser, your local print superhero, stars in his own harrowing tale of tight deadlines and high quality print excellence, with a very sweet conclusion.

Series 2

Gum Balls
Gum Balls
We didn't bury the lead with our redesigned boxes. It's all about the candy and what a better way to start than with the good ol' gum ball.
Gummy Bears
Gummy Bears
A delicious treat and a workout for your gums. This box had a yummy treat and a hide and seek game.
Chocolate Box Chocolate
What candy collection would be complete without wonderful creamy chocolate.
Licorice Box Licorice Rope
Our rainbow colored licorice box. Sweet satisfaction never looked so good.
Candy Corn Candy Corn
This box rounded out our candy series just in time for Halloween. Talk about good timing.
FrankenBox The Frankenbox
For our second Halloween we thought we'd play dress up with our box. Grrrrr Arrggg...
Mardi Gras Mardi Gras
Who doesn't like to party, and what better excuse than Mardi Gras. Enjoy beads and wonderful chocolate.
Time to Clown Around Clowning Around
We had fun with this guy. Some found the clown a bit scary, but nobody complained about what was inside.

Series 3

Here in Wisconsin you have to take good weather where you can get it and those three weeks of summer are always the best. So why not celebrate with a box.
The Pirate
September 19th is "Talk like a Pirate Day." So we thought we'd release this scurvy dog.
Treasure Chest Treasure Chest
Where would a pirate be without his booty?
The Mummy
The Mummy
Halloween has come again, so we are sticking with the classics. What better way to get wrapped up in the holiday than with the mummy?
Our special holiday box actually glows! Follow the glowing red nose for some yummy chocolate treats.
The Riddler
The Riddler
What kind of surprise is waiting within this box? Give us a call to find out.

Special Edition

This Halloween friend will add a warm glow to your holidays.